Personal Trainer


I work with people from all walks of life –  One to One, or in Small Groups – either in person or Online. Age, gender and fitness level are no barrier.

I am highly intuitive and combine a unique blend of experience gained through my years in high level competitive sport, with a holistic approach to total mind/body health and fitness.

I recognise that as human beings, we exist in highly transitional states. What might be needed on one day, may not be needed on another. My skill is in knowing What, When and Why. 

I coach from an understanding of the inextricable link between how we think, feel and behave – and how this effects our body, energy, performance and movement… And so ultimately, what we can achieve and how we live.

Underpinning my approach is an ability to deliver dynamic coaching at all times, so that the right level of support, is delivered at the right time, to maximise the rewards and successes that you will experience.

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