Personal Trainer in Eastbourne

P. Sheppard

Don’t miss Matt’s TrainStrong Boxing class on Thursdays at 0645 in Gildredge Park. For those that have already enjoyed Matt’s other classes, the boxing element adds something special, accentuated as always with Matt’s inventive quirks!

For those of you that haven’t trained with Matt before: you should! He’s an inspirational coach whose infectious enthusiasm pushes you further than you would ever think possible.  I have attended various classes run by Matt for 3 years or so; but before every session I still get the same excitement which make it un-missable.

The sessions are always varied and even before you get there you know that at the end of the class you will be fitter and stronger.  Having enjoyed training with several great coaches over the years (I’m 47), I am pleased to recommend Matt as the man to take your training to the next level.  His wealth of knowledge and ability to both motivate and innovate make him a master of his craft.