Benefits of Macebell Training

Benefits of Macebell Training

In this blog post you will read about the benefits of macebell training and how they can help to turn your body into a more functional super machine that is strong, mobile and in great shape!

What is a Macebell? 

A macebell or steel mace is essentially a long steel or wooden pole, usually around 39 to 42 inches or more with a fixed load on one end – usually a ball shape but can be others.

They vary in weights from light 3-4kg to heavy up to 15kg and more.

Where did Macebell Training Originate?

Macebell training originated from ancient Persia thousands of years ago.

Gada’s as they were originally known as were developed as a training tool to help strengthen Persian warrior’s physical capabilities in battle. The awkward shape challenges the body is many ways.

As time has gone on modern steel macebells were created in the western world and offer a truly unique way of training that is steeped in ancient history.

The Benefits of Macebell Training.

Develop Incredible Strength and Conditioning

One of the major benefits of macebell training is the effect it has upon the strength and conditioning of the body. Matt Hold Mace

Traditional exercises such as the 360 and 10-2 provide a powerful training stimulus that challenges the grip, shoulders, upper back, arms and core strength.

In more recent times macebells can be used to develop off loaded full body workouts that also challenge the legs, hips and more. This really is a training tool that you can use to target the entire body without the need to step into a gym!

One of the major benefits about the steel mace is that it develops dynamic functional strength – which is the kind of useful strength that applies well to how we live our lives – think being able to do more of what you want to do, when you want to do it!


Develop a Core that is Strong, Stable and Looks GREAT!

The dynamic nature of macebell training means that core is challenged as it was designed to work – to act as a key stabilising link between upper and lower body. Movements such as the 360 require you to lock in the core while the mace swings about you in a controlled, strong manner.  MG 3096

Lighter work with the mace for dynamic flowing sequences and twisting elements fire up our ability to twist and rotate under control and with load.

In my own journey with the mace I have experienced a stronger trunk musculature that is leaner and provides greater control during challenging movements!

Filling in the Gaps with the Steel Mace.

As creatures of habit we live our lives in repetitive ways. The problem with this, when it comes to movement and functionality of the body is that we can become restricted, imbalanced and with reduced movement quality.

Macebell training fills in the gaps that are left behind from what we routinely do.

Runners with tight hips – the Macebell can help to open and strengthen those hips in ways you are not normally doing.

Office workers who are enslaved to sitting down and looking at computer screens can benefit from the spinal extension and rotation that happens with specific key movements such as the 10-2 exercise.

Racket sports players, golfers, throwers can all benefit from more strength in the transverse plane – the powerhouse of movement – think 360s and 10-2s.

These are just a few ways in which macebell training can unlock the body and create a body that is more balanced and with less pain and restriction.

Fat Loss.

The intense nature of macebell training can provide a powerful effect on the metabolic rate which in turn can help to create a calorie deficit which is fundamental in achieving fat loss.

The mace lends itself to exercises performed back to back for long flowing sets that ramp up the body’s energy systems, provides a large amount of time under tension and can help strip fat off the body while creating more muscle tone – the result can be a great looking body!

Improved Mobility and Stability

The key factor that lead me to mace training originally was that I wanted a way to mobilise and strengthen my shoulders and upper thoracic spine. This was to counterbalance the hours of heavy Bergen carrying I was doing in my endurance training at the time. VideoCapture 20180622 151238 01

Exercises like the 360 and 10-2 are fantastic for mobilising and strengthening these areas. I now observe more mobile upper body that gets injured less.

Other movements such as lateral lunges, curtsy lunges, bow and arrows and more help to develop mobility and stability in all the major joints of the body – think hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, ankles.

Creative Expression, Mind-set and FUN!

One of the biggest benefits of macebell training is the way in which it can be used to be creative with movement and human play.

The steel mace lends itself perfectly to flowing movements and sequences that can be a creative expression of our own movement.

Matt Hold Mace 4

It is incredibly fun trying to piece together specific movements and create movement masterpieces from our own minds.

It can become very easy to lose yourself for a few hours in this play orientated approach to training. Not only is that incredibly powerful for the body in terms of training effect, but also for the effect on our minds. When flows come together it can be a fine way of forgetting your stresses and being rooted firmly in the moment.

Macebell training can truly be a movement based meditation that is fun, exciting and restorative.

There are many other benefits to macebell training that you can explore for yourself.

We are macebell training specialists and offer coaching in a 1-2-1 or small group personal training setting.