Macebell Mastery Webinar

Macebell Mastery Webinars run every month for 75 minutes.

Each webinar has specific key focus points that will be covered within the session.

Learn the benefits that awesome Macebell Training provides.

Gain practical experience and know-how in a series of the most effective Mace Training Movements.

Learn how to perform the movements correctly and safely.

Gain insight in how to programme your own Macebell Training or for that of your clients.

Learn from one of the leading Mace Coaches in the UK and take your training to the next level!

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Webinar Details


Duration:- 75 mins

Location:- Online

Price:- £20 per


Booking is only confirmed once payment is made.

“I have been attending online Macebell webinars with Matt… and OMG I love them!! With Matt’s encouragement and guidance, I have progressed, quicker than I thought possible, in weight, and now regularly practice and use Macebell training in my own programmes.”