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The Kettlebell Cure 8 Week Program

My Kettlebell Cure 8 week program has been created to solve many issues that regular people face when it comes to training.

The Kettlebell Cure 8-week program has been designed to deliver a logical, practical and progressive approach to Strength and Conditioning using a Kettlebell.

Based on tried and tested methods derived from my experience of 15 years coaching kettlebells using StrongFirst, Strength Matters, Kettlebell Sport and Unconventional Kettlebell training principles – this is a program that delivers time and again.

Suitable for anyone from total beginner to more experienced kettlebell users, this program contains everything you need to seriously upgrade your fitness!


By following this program, you set yourself up for:

  • Increase Strength.
  • Develop greater body awareness and control.
  • Foster greater levels of stability and useful tension.
  • Increase physical capacity and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Enjoy a more robust body that is less prone to injury.
  • Experience greater transfer of strength and ability to other seemingly unrelated areas of your physicality.
  • Increase potential for fat loss and muscle retention depending on any nutritional strategies you may follow.
  • Varied, enjoyable and challenging training that will nurture increased levels of physical capability without any beat downs or harsh training techniques.
  • Learn to train in way that is balanced and can be repeated consistently for the long term.

This program includes:

  • 8 weeks of Structured Kettlebell Training
  • Training delivered directly to your phone via my Coaching Shore TC app.
  • Sets, reps, rest periods, rounds, progressions and instructional videos.
  • Ability to record your progress and upload videos for technique feedback.
  • Nutritional guidance to maximise training and recovery.
  • Access to me for discounted 121 online consultations.

Kettlebell Fundamental Exercises

This program focuses on development of:

  • Key Mobility Exercises using bodyweight and Kettlebells.
  • Core Series – How to ignite your trunk for useful strength.
  • Turkish Get Up Progressions and Turkish Get Up Full.
  • Hinge Series – Deadlifts, Power Swing, Two Handed Swing, SA Swing.
  • Cleans – Pistol Clean, Dead Clean, Hardstyle Clean.
  • Legs:- Goblet Squat, Goblet Lunge, Unilateral Leg Work, Isometrics.
  • Pressing:- Strict, Push Press, Floor Press, Clean and Press
  • Row series – Single Arm, Square and 2 Point.

How do I get started?

This 2 month program is ONLY £50 which gives you access to a cutting edge, highly effective Kettlebell and Bodyweight program that can transform your fitness!

When you start the program you gain access to the program for 8 weeks from start date.

There are 4 sessions per week with an optional 5th plus a mobility session.

Once the 8 week program is complete you can run it again for the same fee and work on higher weights.

Form checks and social media posting available via @kettlebellcure Instagram

To purchase this program please Contact Me.