Fluid Strength Mastering Macebell Fundamentals

This Fluid Strength Workshop is the leading Macebell Training and Steel Mace Training Workshop in the UK in 2023.

Macebell Training is becoming increasingly popular worldwide and for good reason!

It provides a unique training modality that is technical, challenging and massively effective!

Fluid Strength – Mastering Macebell Fundamentals Workshop is the most comprehensive and complete Macebell Training workshop in the UK.

Building on the Macebell Mastery Fundamentals workshop, Fluid Strength aims to consolidate previous understandings around key macebell movements while adding new movements, ideas and concepts to advance your skillset.

Be Ahead of the Game

Macebell and Steel Mace training is rapidly gaining popularity due to the unique, unconventional and highly effective training that can be done with this awesome training tool.

It is a highly technical, complex and exciting training modality that develops strength, conditioning and resilience of the body.

It complements perfectly more traditional training methods such as barbell and kettlebell training and other training forms.

If you are a coach and want to be able to offer your clients something that sets you apart from others, Macebell Training can fit that bill perfectly!

Fluid Strength Workshop – What to Expect

During this workshop you will be taught:-

  • Crucial mobility for Mace Training.
  • Progressions and regressions for mastering the classic lifts – the 360 and 10-2.
  • Single Arm progressions.
  • Advanced Transitions for fluid movement.
  • Unconventional movements for developing strength, conditioning and becoming anti fragile.
  • Introduction to fluid complexes for conditioning, co-ordination, complexity and creative flair!
What are the benefits of Macebell Training?
  • Develop increased strength, power and conditioning.
  • Build a body that is more resilient and robust.
  • Develop grip and core strength to enhance other training modalities.
  • Improved mobility, stability and co-ordination.
  • Complements Barbell, Kettlebell and other training modalities perfectly and fills in the gaps left by other training modalities.

Workshop Details:-

Date:- Sunday 12th November 10am – 4pm

Location:- Unique Results, Chelmsford.


Super Early Bird Price until 12th September – £97

Early Bird Price until 12th October – £127

Standard Price – £147

To book your place click on this link.