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Macebell Mastery Training Courses

Macebell Training UK is the provider of the leading Macebell Courses and Workshops in the UK.

Macebell and Steel Mace Training in the UK is gaining in popularity due to the unique, unconventional and highly effective training that can be done with Macebells.

Macebell training is a highly technical, complex and exciting training modality that increases functional strength and conditioning while improving movement quality.

To read about the Benefits of Macebell Training follow the link here.

The dynamic and technical nature of Macebell training means that a solid foundation of mobility and knowledge is needed for you and your clients to progress safely and effectively.

Once the fundamental basics are mastered training can be progressed to take on more advanced movements, complexes and heavier training for strength and conditioning.

Macebell Training UK has a range of workshops and courses available that are designed to coach you the Fundamentals of Macebell Training  and beyond so that you can advance from beginner to Macebell Ninja!


Macebell Mastery Fundamentals Training Course – Online Download.

This course is suitable for everyone from beginner to recreational mace enthusiasts, coaches and instructors.

Learn how to train with and coach this incredible training tool safely and effectively.

This easy to understand, progressive training course will teach you a range of the most effective fundamental Macebell movements, techniques and regressions that target the entire body.

Presented as a high quality 35 page downloadable PDF the course is clearly written, structured and progressive. Within its pages you will find coaching points, drills, fixes, lessons and workouts. A library of instructional videos supports the content to facilitate better understanding and progression.

Based on 6 carefully programmed lessons, this is a truly complete package and will take you from where you are now, to a stronger and more confident mace wielding Bad Ass!

Each lesson can be repeated until proficiency is developed.

Priced at just £39.99 this course offers immense value for money and will pave the way for a successful and enjoyable journey with the Mace!

To order your copy visit my shop where you can purchase and download the course.



Macebell Training UK – Macebell Mastery Fundemantals Workshop – 4 hours

This Macebell Mastery Fundamentals Workshop is the most comprehensive and complete Instructional Macebell Course in the UK.

This course is aimed at coaches and instructors with a desire to learn how to coach the Macebell to their clients or within their facilities.

This course is equally suitable for beginners and fitness enthusiasts who simply want to attend a course to learn first-hand, how to train safely with Macebells.

On completion of the course you are awarded with a certificate of attendance and 4 hours of CPD time.

Course Content:-

In the Fundamentals of Mace Training course you will learn:-

  • The history and benefits of Macebell Training.
  • Principles of Tension.
  • Mobility for Macebell Training
  • The Macebell 360 and Regressions
  • 10-2 and Regressions.
  • Transfers and Squat Patterns.
  • Hinge and Press.
  • Lunge Patterns
  • Basic Macebell Complexes for Killer Workouts.
  • Effective Programming for Macebell Training.

The course is delivered face to face by me and places are limited to allow for quality of coaching.

The content is delivered in group format with plenty of 1-2-1 coaching along the way to assist your learning experience!

Macebells are provided for the duration of the Workshop or you may bring your own.


The next Macebell Mastery Fundamentals Course runs as:-

Date:- September 17th 2023

Location:- The Commando Temple, Deptord, London.

Cost:- £85 

To book your place or to enquire about us providing a certificate at your facility contact us.