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Fluid Strength Mastering Macebell Fundamentals

This Fluid Strength Workshop is the leading Macebell Training…

Workshops at the Commando Temple

Exciting news for 2023 Total body fitness - Sign up for the latest Workshops at the Commando Temple by Eastbourne Personal Trainer Matt Shore.
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The Kettlebell Cure 8 Week Program

My Kettlebell Cure 8 week program has been created to solve many issues that regular people face when it comes to training. This program can be completed very effectively with just a single kettlebell.
Macebell Training

Macebell Mastery Training Courses

Macebell Training UK has two courses available that are designed to coach you through the Fundamentals of Macebell Training so that you can advance from beginner to Macebell Ninja!

Unconventional Kettlebell Training Workshop

The Resilient Body Kettlebell Workshop will teach you how to use Kettlebell Training to become stronger, more athletic and with great physical capability.

Macebell Mastery Webinar

Learn the benefits that awesome Macebell Training provides and gain practical experience and know-how in a series of the most effective Mace Training Movements.
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Macebell Mastery Fundamentals Workshop

This workshop is the most comprehensive and complete Macebell Training workshop in the UK that teaches Fundamentals of Mace Training and Coaching Skills.

Hybrid Strength Workshop

Fancy yourself as a Strongman/Woman? In this workshop you will learn conventional and unconventional Strongman training modalities.
Benefits of Macebell Training

Benefits of Macebell Training

In this blog post you will read about the benefits of macebell training and how they can help to turn your body into a more functional super machine that is strong, mobile and in great shape!

Bulgarian Bag Training

The Bulgarian Bag Training is a dynamic, challenging training modality that delivers fun, highly functional and effective workouts that can be used for a variety of training goals and programs.

Modified Strongman Training

Modified Strongman Training is gaining huge momentum in popularity at the moment and for good reason! Not only is it incredibly challenging and fun but it also delivers a host of powerful results!
Eastbourne Personal Trainer Turkish Get Up

Get Up – Get Strong

I love the Turkish Get Up. It’s an old time strong man type movement that carries a massive amount of benefits and is a worthy inclusion in practically every training program.