Clare H.

“I joined Matt’s classes back in December 2013, being just over 19st I was in real need to gain back my fitness and overhaul the way my body looked and felt. I had tried many times before without lasting success.

I was looking for something very different and Matt’s session’s certainly delivered. I’ve now been attending the Train Strong outdoor sessions for two and half years, and in that time I have drastically improved my body shape while becoming stronger and fitter.

I found being part of the Train Strong community awesome.

Filled with like-minded positive individuals who are friendly, incredibly supportive and fun to train with. It has continued to be an amazing environment for me to be a part of and train in.

The sessions that Matt delivers are fun, varied, original, and informative, you hardly know where the hour goes, but can guarantee you will walk away feeling good about yourself and smiling!

I hadn’t realised how much Matt’s approach to fitness and health had changed me as a person until I had an unfortunate accident back in 2015 were I tore my calf muscle severely, putting me out of action.

In the past this would have been enough to deter me from carrying on with any form of exercise.

I spoke to Matt about my situation and we formulated a plan based on personal training.

Through Matt’s help, encouragement, extensive knowledge and expertise I realised my training didn’t have to stop.

Matt supported me in overcoming my injury and have become stronger and fitter than ever before.

I am also in training for the Strength Matters Kettlebell Instructor certification which is a totally unexpected direction for me and a significant challenge that I am incredibly excited about.

Matt’s tranformational coaching services and outdoor classes are simply outstanding.”