“I have trained with Matt for many years attending the Train Strong group classes and with his help was able to successfully lose weight after having both my children.

In the past couple of years a few pounds had started to creep back on (even though I still training and had a good level of fitness it turns out you can’t out train a bad diet, don’t kid yourself…)

In the interest of truth even with a few extra pounds I always feel OK about myself but at the start of the year I never did the January diet after Christmas. I had a trip away planned in January and another in February and turns out I had not said no to a snack since November and my jeans were more than tight, I was not feeling good about what I was seeing the the mirror.

I tried to restart diets, you know the start Monday ones but kept losing motivation, so I approached Matt and explained I wanted to lose weight for my summer holiday so could he help me.

I booked 11 PT sessions  (1 per week) and still attended 2 or 3 classes a week.

During the PT sessions maximal calorie burn was our main goal. He pushed me to my absolute limit on the assault air bike and I ski erg’ed €˜till I could not ski erg no more. We also used Kettlebells and Body Weight training with an emphasis on conditioning.


Every week we discussed food, what I was eating, calorie deficit, planning around social things I still wanted to do. I am not going to say no to life because I was trying to lose fat. He made me accountable even when I didn’t want to be.

At the end of my 11 weeks PT I still had a few more weeks before my holiday he still held me accountable for my weight loss, still checked in with me every week and was made himself available to continue the support.

Transforming Fran

In total I lost 24lbs and feel reset, thank you Matt.

Whatever your goal is Train Strong can help you, want to lose fat, lift heavy things, run far, climb a mountain or a hill (he would love it if you called him about that!) or just be fit enough for everyday life Train Strong can help you.