I have worked with Matt before and after having a baby wanted to regain my fitness and lose body fat. I knew Matt would be the man for the job as I trust him implicitly – for me his integrity, passion and commitment help me to keep pushing myself and in turn keep delivering results week on week.Fat Loss in Eastbourne

Working with Matt is awesome. On the exercise front, each session is tailored specially to you and your goals. Each session is different and I am constantly pushed, challenged and surprised by just how much my body can do. Matt is always on hand to support the nutrition side of things€¦..I know exactly what foods I need to ensure I am eating optimally for fat loss, which is my key goal.

In the first 11 weeks of working with Matt, I lost 28lb and a total of 23 cm loss off my body€¦..the pictures and measurements taken at the beginning of the block really highlight the dramatic change to my body shape and ensure that I keep going until I get to my goal.