Neal Becoming Strong First

“It seemed simple; a Train Strong lap.

I was convinced we should’ve warmed up for that initial run and then found that WAS the warmup. Somehow I dragged my body around the park for that inaugural lap. That was 3 years ago and reflecting over that period I’m amazed how far I’ve come. Initially contacting Matt for help getting fitter and losing weight, as you’ll see, soon became so much more.

Working with Matt both for PT and group classes is transformational. His knowledge, attention to detail and understanding of the human psyche is second to none.

At the beginning of 2018 we’d hatched a plan for me to train as a Strong First Kettlebell Instructor. The Gold Standard for Kettlebell Training Worldwide which presents a significant challenge.

Matt put together a training plan for that year. 2018 was a tough training year, I had to be ready in October and aced the SFG1 instructor certificate over 3 challenging days in the Midlands. Since then we’ve kept strength & conditioning a priority.

And I’ve not yet mentioned the incredible community that is Train Strong: where people of all ages, professions and fitness levels come together with a common goal, they’ve been so supportive over the years.

I know what you want to ask – how much weight have I lost? About 12kg. I say €˜about’ because my journey is about so much more than weight loss, I€˜m in the best shape of my life and feel ready to take on anything.”